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holy hannah

2009-05-23 16:13:21 by karlkoolkid1999b

i make songs and im AWESOME HOLY FUCK
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /240650

next song : karlkoolkid99 is better then you ( a rap about how cool i am)


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2009-05-23 16:19:16


karlkoolkid1999b responds:

zeroed all of your flashes


2009-05-23 17:33:47

God, you're retarded. Are you even 10 years old?

BTW, the song sucks. Zeroed.

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

suck my dick noob


2009-05-24 10:50:57

Do you REALLY think you're good? You're some snotty 10 year old kid who just posts his crap and thinks it's amazing. Well, good for you. Hope you REALLY get somewhere in life.

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

more then you cuz ur gay