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2009-06-25 20:56:12 by karlkoolkid1999b

get buck by young buck (listen to that)
meets newgrounds
check it


Yeah! Get 'em Karl!

Okay! Imma owning in the forum and n***a can't touch it
Im pwnin and HEY! this is bullshit
banned from the forum for seven long days
watch me do my thang, continue to amaze
ridin a revenge clause, im so hot im smokin
ban me all ya want, reason or not
ya know ill be back and ill still be the best
you know ill still own, matter of a fact
i can pwn tomfulp and wadefulp at once
them gay fags on this site be like lemme flame that
karlkoolkid just be like hate the game brat
I make sick beats on this site, im the best bro
Mr.Stupidmod still tryin to ban me though
fuck that mofo, i aint goin, fuck no
cant ban me im untouchable, so fuck yourself bitch, you know

haters bannin me from this shit (Its OK)
I bounce back and I never quit (Its OK)
Soon my tracks hoggin your top 5 (Its OK)
Im the best, and i will survive (Its OK)
Now get fucked bitch (yea.. fuck yourself you fag)
Get fucked bitch (yea.. fuck yourself you fag)
Get fucked bitch (yea.. fuck yourself you fag)
Get fucked bitch (yea.. fuck yourself you fag)

Put my songs in your flash game give credit homey
you get a fivefest instantly so bow to me
but if there no song your flash is just shit
got the whole site talkin bout it,lets get on wit it

Numba 1 overall, got my song parked
numba two lookin up like you da best bro
ima kool kid, karl is the koolest
all you other fags gotta need a gay test
karlkoolkid is the best, fuck what ya heard
comparing me to others is plainly absurd
Sit back and write a rhyme, pimpin out your site
know me in the forum, love me at the portal

im just bein me, but im just so great
if you disagree you need to get fucked mate
youll be dead before you run since your so overweight
(I bet he got a dildo) well he need to get fucked ay

haters bannin me from this shit (Its OK)
I bounce back and I never quit (Its OK)
Soon my tracks hoggin your top 5 (Its OK)
Im the best, and i will survive (Its OK)
Now get fucked bitch (yea.. fuck yourself you fag)
Get fucked bitch (yea.. fuck yourself you fag)
Get fucked bitch (yea.. fuck yourself you fag)
Get fucked bitch (yea.. fuck yourself you fag)

Im so cool
represent the wesside
n***a get your head out your ass
i already know im the best so you gotta get fucked
imma laughin at your review
yeah! Shawty i see you! now click on that goddamn five! Hey! LETS GO!


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2009-06-25 20:59:24

This might just be your best song yet.

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

thx dawg


2009-06-25 21:14:29

he never said it was good though, just the best of your shitburger songs

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

plz, its obvious


2009-06-25 21:17:32

your lyrics almost made me think it was opposite day.

karlkoolkid1999b responds:



2009-06-25 21:30:58

Better than the others, but I still say it's horrible.

Quit making shitty songs please.

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

no !


2009-06-25 21:31:23

also, i'm just wondering whether or not you know that complaining/bosting about a ban gets you banned longer.
and you really must have an IQ lower than 60. you probably won't even understand my point; you're just that arrogant.

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

my bans over now my iq huge


2009-06-25 21:37:53

yes it's over, but you'll probably just get banned again, moron.
do you even know what IQ stands for?

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

yo im unstoppable fuck ya


2009-06-25 21:52:35

because nobody can hit a skinny 10-year-old with autism.

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

i dont have autism


2009-06-25 21:54:47

Now you've convinced me that you're a troll.

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

not a troll


2009-06-25 21:58:29

if your mother still drives you to school... YOUR NOT GANGSTER DUMBASS.

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

its summer vacation


2009-06-25 22:07:27

you get my point- oh wait, you're to stupid to understand.

dammit i hate having a battle of wits with someone un-armed.

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

your point sucks


2009-06-25 22:20:25

This kid's just an idiot. We should all just ignore him.

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

your the idiot


2009-06-25 22:39:57

hahaha oh yeah ma boi fly as fuck once again u da freshest n***a alive yo das what imma call you from now on da freshest n***a alive deez lyrics was tite like yo sistas pussy son naaawwww im playin witchu mang NG Unit is da fuckin shit n***a all yall otha mothafuckas suck our dicks!!!!

karlkoolkid1999b responds:



2009-06-26 00:01:24

Just get off newgrounds, this site isn't for ignorant little kids like you.

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

no, fuck you


2009-06-26 01:42:50

true his raps suck but he has potential so give him a break people!

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

my raps do not suck


2009-06-26 10:51:49

No. He has no potential. I honestly can't imagine seeing that voice comig out of a boy; evan for his age.

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

my voice is fine


2009-06-26 12:37:30

I'm not the idiot.

If you're too stupid to see the obvious lack of entertaiment value in your "songs", than you are certainly an idiot.

NO ONE likes your songs. NOT A SINGLE FUCKING PERSON. The people who do are either mentally retarded or being sarcastic. All artists are zero-bombed, regardless of who they are, and if the only people that vote on your music are zero bombers, than you obviously don't have good music.

So just get the fuck off this site, no one likes you or your music.


2009-06-26 14:40:44

I seriously dislike you.


2009-06-26 17:03:43

[KKK99] Get Fucked
Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Current Score: 0.43 / 5.00

[KKK99] Fappin them danks
Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Current Score: 0.15 / 5.00

[KKK99] step off motherfucker
Hip Hop - Modern Song
Current Score: 0.25 / 5.00

[kkk99] Wehavefreshcookies
Hip Hop - Modern Song
Current Score: 0.44 / 5.00

The BAN rap [kkk99]
Hip Hop - Modern Song
Current Score: 0.61 / 5.00

karlkoolkid is better then you
Hip Hop - Modern Song
Current Score: 0.82 / 5.00

most epic song ever created
Trance Song
Current Score: 0.71 / 5.00

loop of awesome
Techno Loop
Current Score: 0.41 / 5.00

Cracka what?


2009-06-28 04:16:37

Yo dont listen to tha h8rs you r awesome make more no matter what the haters says cuz fuc them they suc


2009-06-28 16:39:06

lol you think your voice is fine


2009-06-29 09:02:06

Notice how everyone smarter than you thinks your rap is shit? Here's a treatment. As you mature over the next two years, look at this post again. You are going to realize what a shitty rapper you are and that ll of us were RIGHT. Go fuck yourself, you underaged bitch.


2009-06-30 19:00:12

Aww, did the wittle 8-year-old get scared away by all the smart people?


2009-07-02 21:59:55

yes, i think he did!


2009-07-03 14:09:10

Dude, how about you get something like good lyrics and, even more important, something like a good voice...


2009-07-03 22:13:31

you are gay.


2009-07-06 09:01:50

All your songs suck. I shall put this in terms you can understand
'Dayum craka you ain't got shit. You's betta stop representin, cos you suck. Holla'
Please leave newgrounds for 3-4 years.